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    Corunclima C280 Chiller Van Refrigeration Units are designed for fresh, frozen application on 2-11m3 small to medium panel vans. The compressor is powered be battery DC 12V or 24V current. 8800 Btu/H (2580 Watts) makes the C280 a powerful refrigeration units for panel vans.Condenser is installed on the top of the trucks or vans, and evaporator is installed inside the top of the cooling compartment.
    The C280 system could keep cooling 2-3 hours while refrigerated van Engine-off. This innovative solution provides sustainable temperature control without accompanying noise, fuel costs or emissions. The C280 makes a perfect choice for caring for your products on deliveries.

    Electric compressor, evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, dryer, fan, control panel, pipeline, wire harness, battery is optional.
    1.High cooling air flow with 2 fans, all electric unit
    2. No compressor on vehicle engine
    3. In cab controls with digital thermometer
    4. Ultra slim evaporator for maximum load space
    5. Automatic hot gas defrost
    6. Low maintenance
    7. R134a coolant which meets all ozone protection requirement.
    8.12v or 24v to choose
    9. Electric Plug-In Standby





    Refrigerant gas


    Cooling Tempertaure

    -5 Celsius Degree

    Cooling Capacity

    +5℃ (41℉)

    3090 W


    10550 Btu/H


    0℃ (32℉)

    2850 W


    9720 Btu/H


    -5℃ (23℉)

    2580 W


    8800 Btu/H


    DC Brushless Electrical compressor

    Cooling Air


    Condenser air


    Working current

    12V  88A


    24V  55A

    Max current 

    12V  92.7A


    24V  71.8A

    Condenser size


    Condenser weight

    31 kg 

    Evaporator size


    Evaporator weight

    14.5 kg 

    Charge Gas

    1.3 kg 


    Hot gas defrost



    Applicable Volume

    10-11M3 (+5℃)


    9-10M3 (0℃)



    Package size

    Con. 1100*850*300mm 
    Evp. 800*560*170mm

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